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About Us




Trektel is a tech integrator company, developed by engineers with over 18 years experience in the design and optimization of the best solutions for the increasingly challenging world of telecommunications . Headquartered in Miami, USA, Trektel represents some of the main vendors in the industry.

We believe that Service Providers deserve the right to reach best of breed solutions, without compromising the quality of engagement and assurance they need to run their business. On the other hand, technology vendors require the best representation possible to approach the ever demanding and emerging Caribbean and Latin American market.



 HQ in Florida, US established company

With local presence in some of the main markets in CALA

Trusted by many of the biggest Operators in the region for over 7 years

With a real expertise and collective knowledge in telecom

A solid company, with a strong financial support

With a comprehensive engagement model to address the CALA market

With an experienced team of professionals close to the biggest operators

Advocated to the customers, delivering services throughout LatAm with presence in:

 Miami, Florida, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

 Guatemala City, Guatemala

 Managua, Nicaragua

 San Jose, Costa Rica

 Bogota, Colombia

 Asuncion, Paraguay

 Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Santiago, Chile

Management Team

Angel Barrios

Angel Barrios

GM/Commercial Director

Joined Trektel in April of 2011, becoming the General Manager / Commercial Director of the company, leading the customers’ success and the professional engagement with the selected vendors of Trektel’s portfolio.  He comes after 2,5 years at HBO Ole (Venezuela) as Signal Encoding Scrambling engineer, 6 years in General Instruments as Integrations/Testing Engineering and then as of Marketing & Applications Engineer for Latam & Europe. He moved to Motorola as Latin America Regional Sales Manager for the Home & Networks Mobility division where he had an 8-year successful career that started in 2003, managing the CATV, data and VoIP customer base, as well as new business development for the Caribbean and Central America.

Ricardo Simpson

Ricardo Simpson

Director of Business Development

Co-founded Trektel in March of 2010, after leaving TVC Communications (later acquired by Wesco International, Inc.) where he lead the IP Business Unit for nearly 10 years. In his role, he managed sales and developed the integration and service areas to support key partners in the Caribbean and Latin American market, and for the US from 2008 to 2010.  Between 2011 until September of 2016, while a board member of Trektel, he was head of sales and operations, and later of business development at Intraway, a leading OSS/BSS vendor in the Americas. As of October 2016, he took an active role as director of business development.  His background is telecommunications and IT services, where in his early days he worked at IBM and Telefonica.